Thursday, April 30, 2009


So i know i have been gone for quite a long time. I do have a really do have a good reason. I have been working on my abitur. I would like give you a slight look into the madness that is the abitur.

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(Sidenote: still having issues with my pictures uploading, but i figured out how to get this one!)

So as i said i have been studying to for my abitur. I think for anyone to really follow and understand how i ended up at this point i have to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am 22 years old. I had my son at age 17 and while that undoubtly made things harder, i persisted through (some rather hard circumstance that i may tell about at another date) and graduated high school at age 18 in 2005. That was all fine and dandy. i missed honar graduate by o.5 gpa points and i also failed to achieve my International Baccholorette (sp?) diploma by 3 points though i got all my certifecates except in Psychology (sp?). So even though i wanted to be an honar graduate i did recognize how lucky i was to be graduating at all considering my circumstances

While in high school in my senior i fell in love with my husband. He was an exchange student took my son and i back to germany with him the summer after graduation. This was supposed to be only a 5 week vacation. Well as you can see it turned into a bit more than that. His father asked me if i wanted to stay and learn german for a year and go to univerity here. This was a hard decision. I had a one year old toddler, i didn't speak the language, and i was already accepted to a collage in the USA. I finally decided my decision would come down to one thing: money. Specifically if i got the scholarship i was counting on to pay for my tuition (on top of tuition and books, i was going to have live away from home, pay for an apartment, food, all those associated bills, plus day care.) I ended up not getting the scholarship because of the IB program i did not meet the science requierment and was not allowed to have the scholarship. At the time it was free to go to University in germany and i was looking at starting life with at least $20,000 in debt. I chose to stay.

So I went to apply at the University which was loads of fun. They would not accept my diploma they said it was the equivelent of what german childeren recieve after graduating the 10th grade. My ACT score were also not high enough (i had a 24 i needed a 29 or 30 out of 32 points to get in). They said the only way i could go to unversity here would be to do the Abitur which i believe is truly the equivelent of a collage education in the USA. It is three years long and is more work than i ever thought.

To bring this around to a point. The past 3 or 4 weeks i have been preparing and taking my Abitur exams. My exams were:

English: topic: Utopia. I liked this topic, but i was dissapointed by the text in the examine. It was not well written nor was it like any of the practice material. I definantly do not feel i did my best.

Biology (in English): topic: Genetics and Evolution. I thought this exam was well structured the question were fun to work through, but i almost ran out of time. I really enjoy biology.

Wirtschaft (Economics) (in German): topic: Markt, Preis, Wettbewerb (Market, Price, Competition) and Globalisierung (Globalization). This was a nightmare. Not only were the question about other topics than the ones we were told i am bad in the class anyway. I do not understand it and doing it in a foreign language did not help. I only need one point on the exam to pass. The catch is that i actually have to score three points to pass because they will take of the maximum two points for my german mistakes. Did i mention how bad my german is.

These were my written exams. To point out a few things on the above picture: My beloved pink tea pot that is thermal so my tea stays warm, it is sitting on top of my two biology books and below that is my fuzzy blue phone ( i had to call someone to explain a math thing in Eco to me), my importants notes on princess note paper (i love disney princesses) hanging on my window sill, the candy wrappers really thought all i ate was candy to keep the endorphines coming, Economics for Dummies that book really helped me understand some things, two full binders worth of information that i need to know, my three-eyed-fish blinky sitting in my childhood jelwery box, my thomas kinkade background regaurdless of your feelings about his reasons for painting they are calming pictures and last my oversized belle cup from disneyland paris. those are all my essesntials from studying.

These things are stating to pile up again as i study for my oral exam. The class is World Studies and the topic is South Africa. I am very nervous.

I spent a lot of time over the past two weeks in prayer. Specific prayer for my exams. Please add me to your prayer list that i get my abitur. Also that i have focus and clarity in my oral exam. thanks in advance.

I wanted everyone to know that i have been itching to blog, but i feel so guilty as i have 100 other things to get done. i really need to keep up with this. I really enjoy writing and well i love reading everyone elses. my last exam (the world studies one) is on May 5th. please keep me in your thoughts and prayers then.

lots of love,