Friday, June 6, 2008

go potty go

today is a big day. desi managed to stay dry at play group today and then informed me that he wanted to take his nap in his big boy undies. i think have heard him get up about 15 time, but he as long as he is trying i don't care how often he gets up.

Desi decided to use my carmera yesterday. i of course didn't know about this until his papa caught him, just as he dropped it with the lense still out. needless to say he broke it. well Papa said oh mama i can fix this. i left him to it. today he gives me back the and i say "how did you do that" he says "i banged it on the table" i was speechless. of course what awaited us on my memory card left me even more speachless. Desi took about 50 pics of all kinds of things. some of them are really good. I will post them later.

i have million things to do and about 0% interset in doing any of them.

I hope all you are well.

love, amy

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nothings new in Germany

yes you read it right. nothing is new here. except that i got my hair cut yesterday. My hair was really long. I mean down below my waist. now it hits just under my shoulders. It is a real change for me. i loved my long hair, but it was too much to manage. I think i look older now.

Desi also got his hair cut. he looks like a boy again. his hair grows so fast. it's like harry potter or something. we leave for the US in 5 weeks and i know he will be needing another cut before then, but i figure i will just get it cut in the US because it so hard to explain to the people here how i want his hair too look.

Since i am new i will tell you all about the a little thing i like to call "The potty training challenge" in other words "why is my almost 4 year old still using diapers when he is not asleep!?!?!?" yes i am going nuts over this, but we are making progress and on desi's behalf i want to share with the whole blogging world: Desi wore big boy pants to playgroup yesterday (3 hours) and was still dry when i picked him up! now lets see if he can do it again today. that would be so nice!

I also saw a sign today when i was leaving the kindergarten that the end of year party is now moved from the 5th of July to the 4th of July. well that just sucks because i had plans to celebrate the 4th with desi (he is american and doesn't even know it). Oh well in the spirt of the 4th i finished some digi scrap pages from the last time we actually celebrated the 4th which was in 2005. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ok i think i got it this time. blogger is a bit confusing if you are new to it. hehe. so i suppose i will introduce myself. the first think you should know about me it that i cannot spell. no matter that i was in IB and AP classes and excelled (we're talking straight A's and now 1's) in English. i cannot spell. i am sorry. ok enough about that more about me!

My name is Amy and i am 21 years old. i currently live in northern Germany, but i am from Arkansas born and raised. I have an almost 4 year old son (yes i will save you the math i had him when i was 17, big whoo i still graduated and moved up in life). I moved to Germany to be with my now husband and Desi (my son) just had to come along, well what did you think i would leave him!?!?!?!?! so now we all live happy in a nice house in a country where i hate the language. no, but really German is hard. I was unable to go to university here because American diplomas are not good enough, so they gave me the option of getting my German abitur, which is basically a high school diploma in German. that is where i am right now the end of the 12th grade (again sort of). I will be in the 13th grade next year and then hopefully i will pass and go onto university to study English despite my spelling disability. After that i hope to pursue my dream of being a...get ready for some cool German...überqualifizierte Hausfrau und Mutter which in English is an overqualified housewife and mom, but it sounds better in German i think. really though my dream is to be a SAHM. ahhhhhhh what a life to actually know what children are doing!?!?! for me to take them to school instead of the other way around!!!! yepppers! i hope to make a lot of friends here!