Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nothings new in Germany

yes you read it right. nothing is new here. except that i got my hair cut yesterday. My hair was really long. I mean down below my waist. now it hits just under my shoulders. It is a real change for me. i loved my long hair, but it was too much to manage. I think i look older now.

Desi also got his hair cut. he looks like a boy again. his hair grows so fast. it's like harry potter or something. we leave for the US in 5 weeks and i know he will be needing another cut before then, but i figure i will just get it cut in the US because it so hard to explain to the people here how i want his hair too look.

Since i am new i will tell you all about the a little thing i like to call "The potty training challenge" in other words "why is my almost 4 year old still using diapers when he is not asleep!?!?!?" yes i am going nuts over this, but we are making progress and on desi's behalf i want to share with the whole blogging world: Desi wore big boy pants to playgroup yesterday (3 hours) and was still dry when i picked him up! now lets see if he can do it again today. that would be so nice!

I also saw a sign today when i was leaving the kindergarten that the end of year party is now moved from the 5th of July to the 4th of July. well that just sucks because i had plans to celebrate the 4th with desi (he is american and doesn't even know it). Oh well in the spirt of the 4th i finished some digi scrap pages from the last time we actually celebrated the 4th which was in 2005. Enjoy!