Friday, June 6, 2008

go potty go

today is a big day. desi managed to stay dry at play group today and then informed me that he wanted to take his nap in his big boy undies. i think have heard him get up about 15 time, but he as long as he is trying i don't care how often he gets up.

Desi decided to use my carmera yesterday. i of course didn't know about this until his papa caught him, just as he dropped it with the lense still out. needless to say he broke it. well Papa said oh mama i can fix this. i left him to it. today he gives me back the and i say "how did you do that" he says "i banged it on the table" i was speechless. of course what awaited us on my memory card left me even more speachless. Desi took about 50 pics of all kinds of things. some of them are really good. I will post them later.

i have million things to do and about 0% interset in doing any of them.

I hope all you are well.

love, amy