Monday, September 14, 2009

The beach is outside my door!

Hi everyone!

I managed to pack the suitcases. 2 for desi. 2 for me. 2 for maik.

We got up at 4:00 am. yes it was still dark. no desi did not want to wake.

We got on a plane.

We flew.

We were awake for over 24 hours.

The beach is now outside my door!

Getting here took a lot in my opinion. I do not like Air France. I like them even less when i have to go through paris and/or Atlanta. Most everything went alright, but i was very sick in the airplane. I have severe motion sickness. i know most people (my husband included) do not believe it can be that bad, but it is. It gets worse the older i get. This time it was awful. the last 2 hours of the trans-atlantic it was all i could do to keep from throwing up. Desi only slept for two hours on that flight which was 8 and half hours long. the food was awful and the there was only one kids movie. it was cars. desi loves that movie he can quote the whole thing word for word and knows every song. he has seen it a million times. he was not happy to watch it more than once. so we setteled on french cartoons which put him to sleep for those two hours (i guess he and i share and opinon on french. hehe) Atlanta was awful but i expected as much. the airport is a horrible reflection on a city that is so big and has so much history. i have only been to atlanta a couple of town, but i never found the city that bad. The airport is another story. the meanest and rudest people work there. we had a baggage problem and the people would not listen to us. we kept telling the lady that we needed to go to the counter to recheck a couple of our bags (due to a computer error) and she kept telling us to go somewhere else. i am sure that God was holding my tongue beacuse this women was beyond rude and i was trying to control a very tired 5 year old and translate for my mother and father-in-law who do not speak english. i was very happy to leave there. we only just made our plane too.

In Jacksonville we were very surprised that only one suitcase was missing. My husband suitcase, the one with all his clothes. this happened last year too. i told him to give me a change of his clothes to put in my carryon with mine and desi's clothes. he did not want to. oh well his problem. i think he will listen to me next time! his suitcase was dropped off at our house here at 7:00 am the next day so it was not all that serious.

Since arriving everything has been awsome. the weather was a bit uncooperative the past 2 days, but that was ok. we went shopping and explored the island a bit. There was a surf contest right outside our house the second day we were here. it was neat to watch, but we were not allowed to use the beach that is infront of our house. so we did other things that day.

all in all these first 5 days have been fun! I could not find my camera charger before i left and i am hoping to be able to get a new one here, but until then i have not taken many pictures. i hope to put some up soon!

lots of love,

Friday, September 4, 2009

6 days

yes it is six days until we have to get up at 4:00 in the morning to go to the airport. I have not yet begun to pack. i am going to be there for 3 months, problably live through 3 seasons and have a 5 year old who somehow decided now would be a wonderful time to outgrow all his clothes. ok i know he didn't chose to do that now, but it really feels like it.

Everytime i want to start packing something gets in my way. Cleaning the house, haveing a friend over, parents night at the kindergarten...the list goes on. we have decided however that we are going to start packing this weekend.

this is not going to be fun.

My husband seems to think all you have to do is take out your clothes, put them in a suitcaes, and you're done.

uhmmmmm....NO. I always make lists. i write down every single thing that goes into my bag. This is also really important for Desi. He will need to take toys and all kinds of things. How am i supposed to know at the end of 2 weeks in a beach house if i really have everything. not to mention after the 3 months of staying with my family. hence why the lists are important.

wish me luck. i need it.

lots of love,