Thursday, February 19, 2009


That is the german word for carnival. Desi's Kindergarten celebrated it today. The theme was "what I have always wanted come to kindergarten as". Desi was of course Captian Hook. He was so excited about it.

Here is the over excited pirate eating his breakfast of choice: Ceral with soy milk!

This is the big area in the middle of Desi's kindergarten. More kids in costumes!

Desi's classroom had a huge pirate ship much to desi's delight!

I think this picture is so sweet. This is desi and a little girl from his class named Sogand. She is so cute and so sweet, but you think this looks like a really old and bad wedding picture! lol.

Desi and his best friend Jannis were the pirates of the day!

One of Desi's teacher was also a pirate!

Desi's friend Tobi. His dog even had a matching costume.

Random view of the parents being kicked out. look at all those kids. wow.
Happy Fasching to everybody!


Sharon said...

what a great day!! You can see how excited he is, such great shots.
I remermber mardi gras growingup and how exciting. He will never forget this I'll bet!!

Sharon said...

PS I love his glasses! What a handsome boy!! Now he will have a self image that includes an intellectual haha