Saturday, May 9, 2009

A boy and his bike

In germany an important mode od transportation is the bicycle. This is my bike. I love it and i usually take it to and from school and well anywhere near except grocery shopping. i think my basket is a bit small.

my bike

Naturally Desi would need to learn to ride a bike. So we started working on leaning. Here he is at two with his first bike.

That was fun, but not really helping him so we went on to this. In german it is called a Laufrad, but i have seen them called Likeabike in the USA. These are awsome. They teach balance and coordintation. oh and they can be used to scare the crap out of moms!

Desi as he zoomed past me

Due to the Laufrad when it came time for Desi to get a real bike and learn to ride. The moment he tried out to ride the two wheel bike at the store he was able to. Here he is about 5 months after he got his bike on our ride home from kindergarten. This was take 3 after i crashed, then desi and i crashed into each other. talk about trick i was trying to film, ride, and watch for cars. hence the no breath! hehe.

yep my little boy is all grown up and riding a two wheel bike! I can't believe it.
A couple of days ago it was so nice outside. Desi told me that his bike was very dirty and he wanted to wash it. How responsible!

The finished product. He was so proud! He really does love his bike.

lots of love,