Monday, June 1, 2009

Desi's Birthday Book

Wow have i been busy lately. It is really hard to change my routine over from school and being mom and just doing enough to get by to being just mom and really working hard for my family. in short everything is crazy.

So i have been working on a project. I call it Desi's birthday book. I just cannot throw away a birthday card or any card for that matter and have sooooo much stuff from desi's birthdays so i though this would be a good idea.

I started with a binder that i didn't really find pretty.

Then i used my digi scrapbooking stuff (the kit i used for this is Swing on a Star from Ziggle and PPD from Scraporchard).

I printed everything out and taped it all down. Then i covered it with clear packing tape. It looks laminated onto binder. Here is the finished cover.

The inside is a bit more interesting. I just can't throw away cards and that is where the idea came from. I really wanted a way for desi to look back and see how much fun his birthdays were and see all the cards people wrote. When blogger decides to quit wrecking my colors on the pages then i will add those too. update later.


Mom Of Many said...

Thank you for your comment on my post. I know you commented before and I don't think I ever got on your blog....until now!! I meant to, just didn't get to. I have thought of you many times after you first commented.

I am thankful that God revealed Himself to you thru fasting. He is so faithful!!

Off to Greeley,
With love from Colorado,
Linny xo PS Thank you for the prayers for the team...they need it desperately!!

Mom Of Many said...

PS I love the birthday book!! Very creative young woman you are!!