Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yes it is that time of year again. The last 6 weeks seem to have just flown by. A few highlights are:

*Desi turned five!
*My brother Brian came to visit for 4 weeks.
*We spent several days in Duhnen (our summer house).
*We spent a week on a lovely island called Amrum.
*We went to Legoland in Denmark (and our license plates were stolen).
*We went to Heidepark.

Even with all that exciting fun summer has come to an end. At least for now hehe we are leaving for Florida on september 10. :)

Kindergarten has now started. German kindergarten that is. It is more like preschool in the US. Desi is now in his last year! He is Pate this year which means a younger child who is new this year is paired up with an older child and the older child shows them around and introduces them to other older kids. Desi is so excited to be helping out a younger child.

Desi on his first day:

Also i wanted to insert a little update on our language issues. I mentioned a while back (May i think it was) that all the 4 and 1/2 year olds were tested (on computers) to asses there language abilities. The results were not available to parents. A letter would only be sent if the child needed special classes. Everyone was sure Desi would recive a letter. So we spent the summer (in the back of our minds) waiting for this letter. Well i am proud and pleased to say that Desi did not recive a letter. A sign was posted in the Kindergarten saying the money for the classes was due. I think can safely say that our little bilingual boy is progressing just as well as his monolingual peers!

lots of love,


3 Peanuts said...

I am so thrilled that his language test turned out fine:) I am sure he will be a great mentor.


Mary said...

You have a cute blog! I saw your name on Retrohousewife. My husband and I were stationed in Frankfurt back in 1970 (!) and loved Germany. I was a Spanish major/German minor in college after that, but never went back to Germany to live, although I have visited a few times. I'm sure your life is ver interesting over there. I didn't know you could go back to "high school" over there to prepare for a university.

Blessings on you and encouragement in being an uberqualifiertze (sp?) hausfrau. It's a great job! Your boy is cute.