Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lots of Visits today!

Hello everyone in Blogland!!!

Today was such a waste. i was so unproductive. I really just had no energy, even after two cappicinos (sp?). oh well.

Desi went to the planetarium today with DH's cousin. She really loves Desi. I was also happy for the 4 hour break. I don't know if i will get pictures from that though :(

My niece Hannah came to our house today. My sister-in-law is preggers (read: i have been so jelouse for the past 7 months.) anyway she had to go to her birthing class (? Geburtsvorbereitungskurs) yeah. I so don't get that. I mean she has had a child already i mean did she forget how it all goes? I definantly did not have any of those, then again my situation was very different. Oh yeah they want the name to be a surprise, but DH and i think we are really the only people who don't know. They refer to the baby as Mo-mo. We think the name is going to be Moritz. I don't like it, but it is there style. poor kid can't leave Germany.

Anywho Hannah came to our house today. I love that little girl. She even ate all her dinner. She and Desi played for a few hours and then they came back for her. Desi really needs some siblings. He has even started saying it. ´

Desi actually went to bed nicely today. I am so happy and sooooo tierd. hopefully i will have some time scrap the pics from today.

Lots of Love,