Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All's quiet on the German Front...

well ok not quiet, but calm...well ok hectic and chotic and i want the weekend to come.

I hope everyone got out and voted today!!!!!!!!!! Reguardless of your chosen party it is important to be apart of what you believe in. This year was the first year i could vote (missed by about 3-4 months last time, along with most of my classmates). I am glad i voted. I really relealized during the last german elections that it was awful that i have no say in anything about this place where i live. oh well.

I have been so bad about taking pictures and updating, but we are at a stressful time right now. Maik is in University and it just started back up. Next week the rest of his classes will hopefully start. On the brightside we can start getting back into A routine, though on the not so brightside he will be gone till 9:00 pm on a lot of nights.

I am not doing so well with school. I find it awful that out of something like 9 or 10 classes that i am allowed to bring in most of my Abitur average depends on 3 classes. I really work hard and still feel that i am not doing enough. Also i have huge presentation in Religion and i haven't even started on it. I don't know where time went.

Desi is still working on potty training. i feel completely at fault for the fact that my 4-year-old is not completely potty trained.

I did find time to enter the creative team contest at I will leave you with my entries for assingment #1: