Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas is officially over in our house!

yep, the 6th of January is officially here and that mean the end of christmas. the funny part this year is that we are still waiting on a couple of christmas packages that are stranded in transit. i did get the customs letter today for my dads package so now just the one from my mom and christmas will be done, considering that my birthday is in the first week of febuary this is cutting it close! :)

i was not surprised to get a customs letter for my dads package because i was pretty certain (and he accidently confirmed on the phone a couple days ago) what he got me. this might seem wierd since i am 23 and have a 6 year old, but he got me American Girl stuff. you see i have collected (well ok been in love with and wished i could collect) AG stuff since i was about 10 years old. i got my first doll for christmas (pretty sure about that though it could have been my birtday, they are so close together) and i have been a fan ever since. i now own 3 dolls and quite a bit of clothing and accesories for each of them. i have to admit that the price tag is steep and now i am back to only dreaming, but i did go ahead and tell my dad (who swear is trying to make up for how bad he treated me all my life without having to apoligize or making up for "forgetting" to send us even a christmas card for the last 5 years) that one of my dolls was retiring and i was still missing some key pieces for her and would really love them for christmas. i really do love my dolls. to clarify though, i collect the historical ones with one exception: the british doll (Emily) from 1944 is so beautiful, but she looks so modern to me and i really like some of the pretty sparkly dresses they have these days, so she is a modern doll, but i gave all her clothes to the other doll from 1944 (Molly, my first doll). I also have Felicity who is from 1776. i adore the clothes from the time period even though they have become less historically accurate they still are the style and for me bring history to life. I really think these dolls are great way to get young girls into history and will definantly buy them for my own daughter one day ( my son got his very own bitty twin that looks just like him last year for christmas in order share in mommy's fun and even a second outfit, but he never really bonded with the doll who he name Diego and i am sure that in a couple of years Diego will be living with my girls on my dolly shelf. but i do feel better about trying to get him into it.)

wow that was a tangent. my real topic for today was taking down the christmas decorations. i find it a bit sad, especially beacause i have no real decoration in my apartment yet so my walls will be bare so to say after everything is down. :( but this year even i feel the need to get christmas packed away. i am hoping this changes next year though.

my apartment comes with a basment storage room that locks. i really like that i can store my stuff locked away and not worry about, but there is a very serious downside. last summer, shortly before i moved in the basement flooded and aside from every who had things on the floor getting there things ruined, the basement really smells like mold. i will admit that it has gotten better, but i am still warry of putting anything with fabric or the slightest smell absorbancy down there. sadly i have no space in my apartment and really no other choice. i have come up with an idea and did it with the halloween stuff. i bought two plastic tubs (those are soooo expensive over here, 10 bucks each and that was after searcing for the best price) and i crammed all our halloween stuff in them. then i taped, with clear duck tape, around the space where the lid connects with the box to try to limit the air that can get into the box. i am hoping this works, but i have no way of know thill next year when i bring the decorations out again. tomorrow i am going to go and buy the boxes to put the christmas stuff in and hope for the best.

well i am off to try and sort out the rest of the chrismas stuff and get it ready to put away tomorrow. night night my bloggy friends!

lots of love,