Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Life, New Start

so much has happened since i wrote that last post about the beach. wow, is all i can say. I am think of just writing here. our daily happenings and the ups and downs of a yound single mom and her little prince. well there is no better time than the present to start so here goes:

So looking back on today (with my glass of wine :) ) it wasn't as bad as i though it was going to be. I work for a wholesale store. today was inventory day meaning they were only going to be open till 6:00 pm. that is when i was supposed to get off (hahhaha). I was actually supposed to work at the check (which is where the items are scanned, but not paid for), but for some reason my boss thought it would be a great idea to have me clean up the shelves in the candy section and pull everything forward to make it easier for the inventory later. trust me, that is a much better job than just sitting at the check all day. it was a lot of work and after wall all the boxs and plastic wrappers rubbed a cut in my wrist and finger! i was really suprised that i was doing anything that could cause that. i do have to ment that when i finished i felt a real sense of having accomplished something. The women who is actually in charge of the candy was impressed with my work and asked if could help start the inventory counting. i was thrilled. it really made me feel like i had done something right, not only that she was impressed but i was actually able to put what i just done to use. :) i am really worn out though from standing on top of the bottom shelf on my tip toes to reach to top shelf and then practically laying on the floor (in the most professional manner possible of course) to reach the back of the bottom ones. it is a good worn out feeling though.

The little prince was at his Oma's all day. i think she enjoyed it as well as he did. He came home with a huge stuffed shark that is actually (thankfully) for his papa's house. He is in bed on time tonight because school starts back tomorrow. YAY!!! oh wait no that is my reponse not his. i know he is excited to see his friends again (we did not see anyone over christmas break for some reason. i think though it had a lot do with everyone being so sick of being out in the snow). As long as he gets past that first morning of getting up again, i think he will really be fine.

speaking of the little Desi one, he had a huge experience over the christmas break. He cut his hand open and had to have stitches! i was not at the scence of the crime ;) but his papa was babysitting Desi's cousins and brought desi with him. while papa was playing with the little girl in the living room the little boy wandered off, so he sent to get him. The boy went to his room which is at the oppisite end of the hall next to the apartment door. the door has small glass panels about halfway up and desi was running down the hall after his cousin and tripped on a pair of shoes next to the door and put out his hand to break his fall and end up hitting/going though one of the glass panels in the door instead of hitting the wood. He tore open his arm and cut his hand near his wrist. it was apparently very bloody and his response was "papa i need a band aid". the only witness was a two year old who said "Desi, Tür, kaputt, owe" which translates to: "Desi, door, broke, ouch". His papa was in total shock and didn't know what to do as he had 3 kids at that moment. a neighboor came down to watch the kids while the mom and dad were on their way home and Desi got to ride in an ambulance, he even got lights and the siren on. I got a call about an hour after it happened that i should come to the hospital and desi's papa had arragned for his sister to come pick me up. poor desi was in such shock still when i got there, but said it didn't hurt. we were told he would need stiches and that on children that small he would need full ansthesia so that he would be calm enough for it. the problem was that desi had eaten shortly before that and had to wait two hours at least which ended up being about 8 pm, but a few emergancies came in between and he was not operated on till midnight. in the meantime the piece of skin, that he had practially ripped off, died so they had to cut it off and tightly pull his arm back together. the surgry took 45 mins and i stayed at the hospital till about 3 am. we disscussed with desi beforehand who he wanted to stay and he said papa (which i think was better since papa was so worried and felt so responsible for the whole thing even though it was truly an accident that could not be helped.) Desi was out the next day and had no pain. he gets his stiches out next week. it was scary, but for what happened it ended up not being as serious as it could have been. its a shame that it had to be his left hand (he is left-handed), but he has no nerve damage (well there may be a slight bit that will heal in his thumb) and when he had his bandaged changed last week the doctor said it was hearling up really well.

other than that our christmas break and new year were uneventful and considering all that has been going on, i am thankful for it.

i am going to call it a night now. i have to get up for school too! well ok i have to get up to make desi's school breakfast and see him off. so goodnight bloggy friends!