Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas eve

Christmas eve is usually filled with german traditions for us. We walk to our church to watch the christmas story preformed by the children at our church. While we are gone Maik's mother decorates the tree and the "Weinachtsmann" or german santa comes to visit. We come home and have christmas cake and coffe. After that we open presents and put together toys (lol). We then have a traditional german christmas eve dinner: Brockwurst (sausages) and potato salad.

Those are a normal traditions. That is not what happened this year. Christmas eve this year was not fun. THIS YEAR was different. We tried hard to make it fun and wonderful at our house, but Maik's parents fight was a major downer. Luckly Desi and Hannah did not notice.

This is our christmas tree on christmas eve

and desi with his present from us.

Here is Desi opening the last box on his advent calendar.

Desi opening his gift from mama and Papa.The expression is so funny. He really loved it though. The top pictures are of Desi in front of our tree and with his present from Oma Pille. The bottom pictures are of Maik opening his present from Desi and me.

Hannah opening her presents and being cute as usual! She got a Marble maze (marbles everywhere!) and a baby bag.

These are some pictures of the family. If you look close you can see our living room. The top picture shows where we hang our stockings. On the window!

Here is my new nephew Ben. It was his first Christmas this year. He got a few cool presents like a tiger that vibrates.

Desi opening some more of his presents. These are his legos and his new favorite book.

Desi opening more presents. He really got some things that he wanted. Just the look on his face shows how happy he was.

Desi doing our tradition of leaving hot chocolate, cookies and a note for Santa. Desi really got into it this year.

He is what Santa left. the empty cookie plate, filled stockings and the presents under the tree.