Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A cup of tea

That is exactly what i need to get through this week. ok well the next few weeks. I don't really have too much say. I really wanted to post on Sunday when i had some time to write something nice, but i was at my sister-in-laws house (that Baileys cake was amazing) visiting.

We got to see their new apartment. It is one floor down from the one they live in now, but it is amazing. I love how big it is and the layout. I don't like the tile in hall, but i don't like tile anywhere except the bathroom anyway. The kitchen is a bit small, but i don't think she is that much into cooking. In return they have a huge living room combinded sort of dining room. in other words there is a large archway connecting the rooms. They also have some nicely placed storage space. all in all i like the apartment.

I ended up getting sick. I would just like to say that when i get sick, i get really sick. I still don't feel well, but i managed to go to school today so i guess i am not that bad off. I hate going to doctors or staying home because i am sick. i always feel like i am not sick enough to need to. I felt this way yesterday and found out had i not gone yesterday i would be in bed with over 100° fever. Glad i went.

Just a little bit about keeping my new years resolutions:

  • diet is going great! i really recomment it makes it easier to stay on track. I have already lost 4-4.5 lbs in two weeks. i am very amazed and motivated.
  • I have been scrapping like crazy (when i have time) I finally finished the Christmas eve pictures and post so if you want have a look, just click on the christmas eve tag.
  • I am trying to keep up here and so far so good.
  • i forgot the 4th one. oh well.

i am working hard for school and i can't wait for it to be over.

i guess that really sums everything up. i will try for a better post next week. Now i have to start on the the christmas day pictures.


3 Peanuts said...

I hope you can get everything done and that you feel better soon.