Monday, January 26, 2009

Model no?

I love my son. I love him more than anything and would never trade him. I must admit though. I really wanted a girl. I think that was because I was afraid of raising a boy. I didn't, don't and probably never will really know anything about boys. Anyway, the point of that was to say I think sometimes the side of me that wishes I had a little girl to dress up takes over and the result is well have a look:

Desi actually liked the outfit too! I really spent about 20 minutes choosing something then another 20 on his hair. All of this just to go to a birthday party. hehe.

Here is a close up on his hair and cute face:

Yes well that was our weekend. We did have a good time at the party. It was nice to see family. I didn't take any pictures though. I wish I would have, the kids were playing so cute!

Something a little off topic. Desi has Handball on mondays. Today when went to pick him up I found out just how German he is!
Today the National German Handball team is playing and all the kids got German flag stamps on there cheeks. Very fitting as Desi and I just got our visas extended for two years today!
<3 amy


Lauren and Ed said...

Cute pics! I found Mia's shirt at

3 Peanuts said...

He is VERY VERY handsome:)